I'm doing a writing challenge this month!

A few of us at the Kindle boards Writer's Cafe have signed up to do a writing challenge, 60,000 words in 29 days. That comes out to 2,068 words per day. Starting today. argh

"Whoa!" you say. "That's a lot of words!"

And you're right, it is. But I think it's perfectly do-able for most writers, at least those who have been writing for a while. It comes out to about eight pages, if you use the old 250 words per page count.

I've got about 700 words of new writing so far this morning, not counting this blog, so I've got less than 1400 to go. whee!

I've made a page to list my daily totals, and I will update on the forum's challenge post, in order to stay focused and honest. Not that I'm not honest, but if it isn't written down, it didn't happen, right?

Well, time to get back to the novel, which waits for no man this month. Keep calm and create on.