school shopping spree

 Well, it's happened. I took Sk8monkey to shop for school clothes for the last time. He will start his final year of high school in less than three weeks, and he'll also turn 17 on the 25th.

It seems like only yesterday that I was buying those endless school supplies that they never used, and now he's driving and thinking about college. Pardon me while I have an almost-empty-nest moment...

Okay, I'm back. Le sigh.

We went shopping at his usual place, Rue 21, and other than only having two pairs of pants that met his standards, and the horrendously loud music, it went really well. This was the tax free weekend, and the store was having a sale, so we got him quite a few shirts to go with the two pairs of jeans.

He was so excited when he got home and tried on his things again; it was fun to watch him be enthusiastic about how things fit and looked together! Here are a couple of pics I managed to get before he took off to visit some friends. He was particularly fond of the tee with the quote.

Well, that concludes our exciting visit to the land of retail.

Until next time, Gentle Readers. Take care.