Goodness, where did July go?

It seems like it was just yesterday that it was the beginning of July, and now my baby's birthday is three weeks from tomorrow! Sk8monkey will be 17 years old, and starting his senior year. Wow.

I've been working on cleaning and organizing my craft building -- yes, an entire building, 16 x 16 feet, and not nearly big enough -- and some writing. I've been sorting and rearranging my scrapbooking stuff, which has been quite a pain. I've changed my storage for my paper, and all the other little bits that go with it. I'll get some pictures and post someday.

Still got stuff to do, finish sorting the sewing, beading and painting stuff. For the time being, my dollhouses/miniatures are up in the rafters, out of the way, because it takes a lot of room. I need to get all this done, because one of my sisters wants us to open an Etsy shop, and I can't get any work done in all this clutter.

The writing has been a little hit-or-miss, but I have gotten some work done. I've still got the three short stories to finish, the edit on the horror novella from the contest, and my epic SF novel. LOL

I've also been fiddling around with my next project, which is a series of four novels about a family of witches. I'm debating on whether to do this in first-person, as the main character is shaping up to be interesting. Oh well, something to work out later.

Another project I'm starting is a collection of short stories/novellas to be released around the winter holidays (Yule to me, Christmas for some). I got the idea for this from a posting on the Writer's Cafe on kindleboards.

I think maybe six shorts, about 15,000 - 20,000 words total would be a nice length. I've got about half of one story done, and ideas for two more. The stories would be in my usual Twilight Zone-esque style, i.e. tales with a twist, and probably no romance, but who knows? It would depend on how the story works out.

So, there it is, Gentle Readers. Be safe and summer on!