It has been an amazing day.

I was going to post today about a couple of short stories I submitted this week. It was going to be about how I wrote the stories and got my nerve up to actually send them in. Actually, I'll do a post about that stuff later anyway.

I stopped and checked my email first, and--Holy writer's fantasy, Batman!--I had a story accepted for an anthology being put out by a new publishing house. Splatter: An Anthology of Horror, will be out in mid-May, and available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other retailers.

You can check out their site here (submissions are closed, according to their email, however):

Sourlane Press

I was totally shocked to be accepted. I mean, I thought the story was good, but I guess I had that fear of rejection, you know, that somebody would say 'oh, crap, why are you sending us this utter pile of garbage', and not just fall immediately in love with my precious labor of love.

Plus there's the other story I sent, to a contest that PARSEC-Pittsburgh's Premier Science Fiction Organization is sponsoring; the results won't be announced until June 15. I'm trying to keep busy and take my mind off it, since it's so long before I'd know anything.

The website for that, in case anyone is interested, is:


I'm still working on my novel, and the non-fiction doll repair/pattern book that needs more pictures--and the patterns drafted--and about ten other ideas that keep popping into my head. Lately the signals I get when I hold my mouth just right, aligning the mercury fillings, have got me hopping.

I'll leave you with these parting words, Dear Readers:  follow your dream.