The fledgling is leaving the nest.

So Sk8Monkey reached a much-anticipated milestone today--he got his (provisional) driver's license. I don't know how other states do this, but in NC teens get a tiered license, only receiving the full thing at 21. He did really well on the driving test, in fact the examiner complimented me on how I had worked with Sk8Monkey on his driving skills.

The bad part of the day was adding not only the boy, but another vehicle to my insurance policy. It's going to be how much? *aack*cough*gurgle*  Wow. Okay.

But I am sad that this is the last time I will send off a new driver into the big bad world of traffic. At the rate my boys are going, I won't be around to snicker about the grandkids' rite of passages.

I think I'm all excited-out for this week. On the other hand, I have some more short stories to finish up, and a couple of prospects for submitting them, so who knows what great adventures lie ahead?

Until next time, Gentle Readers.