Claiming the ether.

So, I'm claiming my spot in the ether, aka, starting a blog. Who knows what's going to happen now! ::snicker::

I held off making a blog, because, really, who wants to know what I'm thinking? But, like everyone, I have an opinion and I might as well spread it around. Now, my boys would probably be rolling their eyes right now. Mom has an opinion? Who knew?

What will I blog about, you may be asking? Well, random thoughts about my life and the world in general, what I'm doing creatively, what I dream of . . . . . you know, the usual bloggy stuff.

I hope you enjoy my ramblings, or if not, I hope they make you think. Cause thinking is a Good T
hing in TWATM: The World According to Martha {Stewart}. My mother is fond of quoting that line.

Mamma (that's a Southern thing) is a hoot. I'm sure you'll be reading more about her in due time. Probably more than you want. Or need. LOL