Gosh darn it, we’ve got a rooster in the coop!

We’ve been hearing crowing the last few mornings, but it sounded like it was coming from down the road (out in the country, sound really travels). I’ve had my suspicions about one particular chicken, but I was hoping I was wrong.

Turns out I wasn’t. Georgia, AKA Miss Bossy Britches, is actually George, King of the Coop. I had a bad feeling this was going to happen, when “Georgia” kept getting bigger, but no eggs were forthcoming. Also, “she” was getting quite irritated with the other chickens.

 That's George there, watching over his ladies.

So darn. Yes, I really want to use stronger language, but I’ve put myself on a cursing ban so I’m falling back on childhood euphemisms. At least I’m not spelling the words out, like Number One still does. He’s so cute.

Now I have to decide whether to keep George, or send him to the great chicken stew pot in the sky. It’s not an easy decision, since we want to expand our flock in the future, and being able to make our own chicks would be handy.

There’s also the possibility of having more than one rooster. I’m starting to get that feeling about a couple of the other chickens, especially since George is being highly aggressive with them.

Oh, well. I guess this is something I can put off for another day. I really need to get some writing done, and I’ve got some other projects that need to be bumped up the list so I can mark them off and move on.

That’s my update on the exciting life here in my world, aren’t you glad you stopped by? lol