Monday Menu: "Crack" Slaw

This stuff tastes so good, it's like being addicted to drugs. Not that I would know anything about that, not at all, but, well, you know. Oh, come on, people! It's just an expression. Geez. lol

If you've hung around on low-carb boards, you'll have heard of this dish. It's really a hamburger and cabbage stir fry, and there are different recipes, though I like the one from here:

Rather than write out the recipe, I'll just say that I follow this pretty well, though it ends up being different depending what I have on hand for additions. I will add broccoli, stir fry vegs, peas and carrots, or any combination of those, to the beef and cabbage.

I leave out the mushrooms and green onions, and instead use bell pepper and regular onions. I like to use a little sesame oil while cooking those. I also don't use any sweetener. I use a head of cabbage that I slice thinly, sometimes I cut it into smaller pieces, but not always.

We serve this over rice cooked with some ground ginger and soy sauce. Sometimes I make fried rice. You could serve it with egg rolls, or spring rolls, or what ever you like. Maybe low mein noodles. Note to self:  buy some low mein noodles.

It's so yummy! There's a batch cooking up right now, which will be ready in about five minutes. Gotta go...

So that's this week's cooking post, Gentle Readers. Take care, and eat something good.